The Belk Pension Plan provides retirement benefits to certain “grandfathered associates." The plan is funded entirely by the Company. Plan benefits are based on age, pay, and years of service with the Company and provide a variety of optional payment forms in retirement.


  • Eligibility for the Pension Plan is limited to certain associates who met specific age, service, and other requirements before December 31, 2005; the Plan was closed to new participants after that date.
  • The Plan features a hypothetical “cash balance” design, through which the Plan maintains a hypothetical account balance and provides retirement annuities based on that balance.
  • As of January 1, 2009, all benefit accruals were “frozen” to participants. However, until benefit commencement, the balance continues to earn interest annually (currently 6% per year).
  • Retirement annuities are derived from the account balance value at benefit commencement.
  • Benefits are available to terminated vested participants as early as age 55.
Belk Pension Plan Service Center

Through the Belk Pension Service Center, you have access to customer care associates that can help you with questions about the plan or your pension benefits:



  • Belk Pension Service Center
  • P.O. Box 11078
  • Fort Wayne, IN 46855